RPCC Builds North Florida’s First Heart Rhythm Clinic

TMH Physician Partners and Southern Medical Group expanded their care for patients with irregular heartbeats, and Riley Palmer Construction Company helped make it happen.

The renovation of the 13,600-square-foot state-of-the-art facility took about 10 months to complete. The project happened while the facility, located at 2100 Centerville Road, was partially occupied. It connected two buildings with a new structure that included a new elevator.

Rob Moss, the executive director of physician partners at Tallahassee Memorial HealthCare, said they were so pleased with their collaboration on other projects that they brought Riley Palmer Construction back for this one.

“They’re a good value and a good group of people to work with,” Moss said, adding that company president Sutton Webb and his team were honest, attentive and responsive.

Riley Palmer Construction also renovated the Tallahassee Pulmonary Clinic at 1607 James Court and the TMH offices at 1609 Physicians Drive.

“We offer TMH long-term cost savings, strong options and value-oriented estimating,” Webb said. “We act as a steward of the clients’ money.”

The project wasn’t without unexpected issues. Moss said that gutting the buildings turned up problems with the roofing and engineering as the buildings were on stilts. To run plumbing and other systems, RPCC used ultrasound to avoid hitting rebar in the structure.

Riley Palmer Construction also had to consider the site of the building, which has a history of flooding. To help protect Tallahassee Memorial HealthCare’s investment, Webb and his team installed flood proofing to protect the structure and its components from catastrophe.

Webb and his team also helped save TMH money on the project.

“We evaluated the electrical and mechanical systems and offered value-engineered considerations,” Webb said. “Additionally, the sitework portion was value engineered to eliminate costs and reduce lifecycle operating expenses.”

Four electrophysiologists practice at the center, which specializes in the prevention, diagnosis, management and treatment of arrhythmias. Some common conditions the clinic will treat include tachycardia, or fast heartbeat; bradycardia, or slow heartbeat; and atrial fibrillation, commonly called AFib.





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